Tilt-up panels for tilt-up construction projects

17 December 2018
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The tilt-up construction method is an time-efficient and budget friendly method that uses mainly concrete panels. Australia is seeing a rapid rise in this method being used nationwide. In this method, construction occurs horizontally on a concrete slab. Once construction is complete, the entire construction is "tilted" using appropriate cranes into the vertical position, and all building elements are secured. Hence the name of the method, i.e. tilt-up. The difference between the tilt-up panel method and other methods of construction is that all the components required for construction are constructed exactly where construction is happening. Read More 

Everything You Need to Learn About Push Piers

19 October 2018
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Why is the foundation such an important part of your home? Do you need to take care of it like the rest of the structure? Well, the answer is yes. The foundation is important because it bears all the load from the upper part of the building, keeping it in the right position. Therefore, you need to take care of the foundation by repairing any damage so that the house does not crumble. Read More 

What to Look for When Hiring a Custom Home Builder

30 September 2018
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When renovating your home, it's always important to plan everything as well as you can to help to reduce any unforeseen hurdles and minimise stress where possible. If you plan on extending a room, knocking down a wall or building a new home entirely, then employing a custom home builder is something that you'll probably look at doing. To help you to find a professional home builder whose sole intention is to provide you with a high level of service, take into account these considerations. Read More 

Nifty Tips to Keep Your Hardwood Flooring In Pristine Shape

20 August 2018
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While a majority of people may assume that hardwood is exceptionally delicate and needs arduous care, this is not the entire truth. In fact, hardwood remains a choice flooring material because of its longevity and stability. Thus, all you are expected to do is carry out preventative maintenance measures that will preserve the condition of the hardwood. One of the main concerns about hardwood is how hygroscopic it is. The presence of moisture and humidity will cause it to contract and expand. Read More 

3 Concrete Services to Upgrade Your Landscape

2 July 2018
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Landscape upgrades usually happen when you notice an issue with your current landscape and its kerb appeal. If that is what you are facing, then you will need upgrades that are functional, add to the kerb appeal and are durable enough to withstand several years of weather conditions. One of the ways to meet all of these qualifications is to use concrete. Here are three concrete services to consider for your landscaping upgrades. Read More