Everything You Need to Learn About Push Piers

19 October 2018
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Why is the foundation such an important part of your home? Do you need to take care of it like the rest of the structure? Well, the answer is yes. The foundation is important because it bears all the load from the upper part of the building, keeping it in the right position. Therefore, you need to take care of the foundation by repairing any damage so that the house does not crumble. One way of restoring the foundation involves the installation of push piers. The following discussion will teach you everything you need to know about push piers: 

What Are Push Piers? 

Push piers are pipe sections that rely on hydraulic forces to penetrate unstable soil or laden strata. They act as support anchors on different sections of the laden structure to minimise the amount of weight borne by the soil. Ordinarily, push piers range from two to three and a half inches in length. Manufacturers use galvanised steel to design the piers because of the structural strength offered by steel. 

What Happens When Installing Push Piers? 

Foundation experts start by examining the area and nature of damage to determine if they will install the push piers outside or inside the building. For an outdoor installation, they will dig up the area to expose the building's footing. Indoor installation, on the other hand, requires removal of certain sections of your floor to expose the foundation and provide room for installing the push piers. You will then restore the floor after setting the push piers. 

How Do Experts Ensure Maximum Support for the Foundation? 

First, the engineers install steel brackets in every location that they want to drill the push pier. They set the bracket before installing the push pier to enable the whole thing to benefit from the structure of your house. After setting the bracket, the engineers will advance the push piers hydraulically until it reaches deep sections of the soil where it receives maximum support. This improves the load-bearing capacity of the whole foundation. 

What Benefits Do You Get from Push Piers? 

Push piers have many benefits compared to other methods of restoring home foundations. The fact that you can install them outside or inside the house means that you can tune them to meet your specific foundation needs. Secondly, you can select push piers with external sleeves to prevent buckling, rotations or kinking that can occur when using other pier frameworks for your foundation.

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