Tilt-up panels for tilt-up construction projects

17 December 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

The tilt-up construction method is an time-efficient and budget friendly method that uses mainly concrete panels. Australia is seeing a rapid rise in this method being used nationwide. In this method, construction occurs horizontally on a concrete slab. Once construction is complete, the entire construction is "tilted" using appropriate cranes into the vertical position, and all building elements are secured. Hence the name of the method, i.e. tilt-up. The difference between the tilt-up panel method and other methods of construction is that all the components required for construction are constructed exactly where construction is happening. This saves money in transportation costs, as heavy materials do not have to be transported using appropriate heavy haulage vehicles.

What material is used?

Concrete is used for the construction panels for its property of being able to absorb energy, thereby helping to regulate temperature on the inside of the building (once construction is complete). Furthermore, concrete is quite heavy, meaning that it further functions to absorb sound as well as, of course, being highly durable. 

Concrete panels are widely produced according to each construction site's unique requirements. In the past, these panels were mostly built the same, making buildings appear 'boxy' in appearance. However, nowadays that is not the case with new technology being able to produce wonderfully designed panels differing in appearance and shape, and making each construction project unique. Schools, offices, hospitals... all kinds of buildings are now constructed using this method. Panels can be designed with openings of different types, such as circular or elliptical openings; the possibilities are endless. 

Initially in Australia, tilt-up construction was mainly used for low-rise buildings; however, it was soon realised that this method was not only incredible practical, but also time- and cost-efficient. It was then that this method started to become more and more widely used for projects within the city as well as in remote areas of flat land. It's no secret that labour is becoming more pricey as times progress; this is also one of the reasons that developers are turning to cheaper methods with less labor-force requirement to get their construction projects complete. 

Safety has been a concern with the fear that the concrete slab may collapse, which of course could cause a great amount of harm. However, nowadays installation is taken very seriously, with proper time being taken to install each concrete panel with a brace. 

Exciting new changes are always on the way when it comes to the tilt-up construction method, making it more popular than ever before.