3 Concrete Services to Upgrade Your Landscape

2 July 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Landscape upgrades usually happen when you notice an issue with your current landscape and its kerb appeal. If that is what you are facing, then you will need upgrades that are functional, add to the kerb appeal and are durable enough to withstand several years of weather conditions. One of the ways to meet all of these qualifications is to use concrete. Here are three concrete services to consider for your landscaping upgrades.

Concrete Kerb Edging

One way to reduce your landscaping costs while adding to the kerb appeal and functionality is to have concrete kerb edging installed. This edging can be used along the edges of your property. It can also be used around garden edges, tree edges and patios. The concrete kerb edging can prevent erosion issues from rainwater runoff. It can also help keep your garden landscape in place and looking neat while helping water to drain in the garden areas.

Concrete Fire Pit

You can buy a fire pit, but most will only hold up for a season or two before you will need to buy another one. If you want a fire pit that looks nice, is durable and will be functional for everything from a relaxing evening to over the fire cooking, then concrete may be ideal. You can have concrete stones placed and stacked to create the fire pit that is the size and design you want. The contractor can also add special tiles and accessories to make the fire pit more attractive.

Stamped Concrete Patio

Concrete patios are common in many residential communities. If you want to upgrade the concrete patio and give it some unique flare, consider concrete services for stamped concrete. The stamped concrete can give you designs and even colours you would not normally see in concrete patios. If you have a specific pattern you would like to put into your patio, you can give that design to your concrete contractor. They can also finish the concrete with a seal to prevent the stamped concrete from being damaged by rain or other weather conditions.

If you are ready to have any of the three of these concrete services used for your landscaping upgrades, contact your local concrete contractor. They can offer options, ideas and pricing information. They can also schedule a consultation to view your current landscaping situation and avoid any issues during the services process. They can also help you with other issues you may be having such as irrigation, erosion or the need for upgraded retaining walls.