What to Look for When Hiring a Custom Home Builder

30 September 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When renovating your home, it's always important to plan everything as well as you can to help to reduce any unforeseen hurdles and minimise stress where possible. If you plan on extending a room, knocking down a wall or building a new home entirely, then employing a custom home builder is something that you'll probably look at doing. To help you to find a professional home builder whose sole intention is to provide you with a high level of service, take into account these considerations. The extra effort you put into your research will provide you with peace of mind and ensure you get the best services possible.


Always check to ensure that anyone working on your site has the required building work contractors licence. This will be something the contractor should sort out for themselves and any sub-contractors; however, it never hurts to ask just to be sure. Often acquiring the correct licensing and paperwork for a building project is timely, which in the long run could delay your deadlines and cost you more money.


Have a chat with the home builder contractor and gauge how they are towards you. Do they seem genuinely interested in your project? Are they enthusiastic? Do they recruit professional builders or do they sub-contract out to low skilled workers? Any contractor should be able to speak to you professionally and match your understanding of construction vocabulary.


Have a look at previous work they have completed; this could be part of your research when trying to establish what type of reputation they have. Look at both new and old builds if possible to see whether the work is strong and stands up to the elements. Look at the finish on any jobs too to see how much attention to detail goes into the work and pay close attention to the presence of damp which can be a big issue for newer buildings.

Other current jobs

Ask them whether they have been recruited for any other jobs at the same time. If so then you may find that they take longer to complete your renovation and are unable to commit as much of their workforce to the job. This can be an issue, especially if the work is weather-dependent and the weather isn't on your side.

References and reputation

Ask around to see whether anyone local to you has used these home builders before. Perhaps friends or family have used them and will be able to give you an honest opinion about them. Some companies will have a website which may display awards they have won within the industry.

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