The Vital Role Vibration Monitoring Systems Play in the Construction Industry

30 June 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Construction vibrations are a significant concern in Australia, and local authorities are clamping in to ensure the protection of surrounding neighbourhoods. Activities like demolition, jackhammering, piling, heavy machinery traffic and foundation construction can result in harmful vibrations. However, construction vibration monitoring systems help construction experts control such impactful site activities, minimising possible harm caused by vibrations from construction works. 

By monitoring your construction vibrations, you can understand how site activities impact the local environment, residents and structural facilities within the area. Here's how the use of construction vibration monitoring systems can help your construction project:

Maintaining and Complying with Local Regulations 

Before commencing your construction project, you must comply with specific vibration codes in your jurisdiction. For instance, your local council might demand that you maintain vibrations below a certain level during the day when people are busy working and even much lower levels at night or on weekends. 

Setting up a vibration monitoring system helps you determine real-time vibration levels at regular intervals to remain compliant with the set legal codes. Furthermore, if complaints arise from the neighbourhood concerning your construction work, you can use the system's report to ascertain the vibration levels at that particular time. That helps prove compliance with the law. 

Prevent Land and Structural Damage in the Surrounding Areas

During construction, general noises might not result in significant damage to property. However, extensive vibrations caused by impactful site activities might result in severe consequences. For instance, building demolitions at the site cause massive vibrations that cause harm to the neighbouring structures and land. 

construction vibration monitoring engineers can evaluate the safest vibration levels at this point. They will determine the potential target levels beyond which the vibrations might trigger problems. You can then use the monitoring systems to maintain the required vibration levels as the construction unfolds, staying within safe parameters to avert collateral damage. 

Keep Everyone on the Construction Site Safe

Extreme vibrations can also harm your team's overall health. Contractors can develop muscular, nervous and joint problems when subjected to prolonged vibrations and noises.

However, construction vibration monitoring systems can help control workers' exposure to hazardous vibrations. For instance, it helps determine whether you should give your construction team a break and establish better alternatives to minimise construction vibrations. 


construction vibration monitoring systems are indeed a game-changer in the construction industry. Consult professional construction vibration monitoring specialists in your location for advice on ideal vibration monitoring solutions for your project.