Why You Should Use Timber Wall Frames in House Construction

25 May 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Although timber wall framing has been used in new house construction for centuries, it remains the house builder's choice even today. The continued use of this construction product can be attributed to the many great benefits it delivers.

If you want to build your house with timber wall frames, you should know the benefits that you stand to reap. This way, you can make an informed decision on whether they're the right choice for your home construction project.

Highlighted below are some of the top advantages of using timber wall frames.

Timber wall frames are a sustainable choice for homes

Amid the rising global concerns over the loss of forest cover, some environmentalists are attributing the problem to the increased demand for timber frame housing over the decades. 

While it's true that the housing construction sector was a major contributor to global forestation in the past, Australia and several other countries across the world have adopted various policies aimed at the protection of natural forests and ecosystems. 

As a result, the bulk of timber used for house-building these days is sourced from managed forest plantations. When mature trees are cut down to be used as timber construction products, the existing inventory of trees is replenished by planting more trees. The highly regulated use of timber construction products makes timber wall frames a sustainable choice for home builders.

Timber wall frames are sturdy and durable

For any material to be used as a structural material, it needs to be strong and durable. Structural-grade timber can withstand immense structural loads and stresses, as well as ensure the durability of the built structures. 

As a result, they easily lend themselves to home construction purposes.

Timber wall frames store carbon

When trees are cut down to be used in timber production, the carbon absorbed during the trees' lifespans remains locked up within the timber for the entire life of the built structures. The carbon is only released when the timber is burnt or gets decomposed. 

This means that the more timber frame houses are built, the more carbon gets kept out of the atmosphere. This helps to reduce the impact of high carbon concentrations on the environment.

While timber wall frames are a great choice for house construction, they are not created equal. To get timber wall frames for your new house, don't hesitate to contact a timber supplier in an area near you.