Cold Room or Freezer — What's the Best Design?

28 October 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If your business is involved in hospitality or catering, you may need to install a cold or freezer room of some kind. You need to keep perishable items at or below a certain temperature, but you may have a variety of different foods or drinks to consider, and they may all have their own requirements. How flexible can you be when it comes to designing and building a freezer room to take everything into account?

Separate or All-in-One

In an ideal world and given an appropriate budget, you may decide to build two separate areas. One would be a cool room, and the other a freezer. This would allow you to segregate your drinks and foods accordingly and store them at the most appropriate temperature.

Dual Functionality

You may not have a great deal of room to spare, however, or want to be as cost-conscious as you can. In this case, why not build one large room that can have a dual function? You can place a petition in between with its own access door, and each part of the space could be treated independently when it comes to insulation and conditioning.


You need to take into account the needs of your staff, though, as they interact with your new facility each day. They will want to walk in or out to access the provisions, of course, but it may be easier to roll a device that holds plates, trays or boxes, to deal with a bulk order. In this case, you will need to specify an access ramp and one that is able to deal with caster wheels appropriately.

External Positioning

If you decide that you will need a cold room and not a freezer, you may be able to place it outside to give you more room within. However, this may prove problematic when it comes to temperature regulation. The conditioning unit may have to work overtime in the heat of the summer, and if you do get a particularly cold spell in winter, you may certainly encounter a problem. The compressor will not be able to warm up the outside air in order to hit the target, so the contents of your room may freeze.

More Detail

These are just some of the factors that you have to take into account when you build your cold room or freezer on site. If you have additional questions about freezer room construction, reach out to a local contractor.