Three Reasons To Install A Glass Splashback

14 May 2019
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Splashbacks protect the wall around the benchtop and stove while decorating your kitchen at the same time. Here are three reasons to install a glass splashback.

Provides Versatility In Design

Glass is one of the most versatile substances for a splashback, as you can colour it almost any shade or decorate it in countless other ways. In a white kitchen, back-painting the glass in a rich, deep red or blue can generate a warm cozy effect, or bright yellow or green can add vibrancy to your kitchen design. Metallic paint that mirrors silver appliances is another possibility.

There's no need to stay with a flat colour, however. A glass splashback lets you customise your kitchen further, as you can also digitally print an image across its surface. Virtually any image is an option so long as it's high quality and high resolution. You could select your favourite landscape photo or else go for abstract foliage or floral designs. Even pet portraits are on the table.

You need to consider how the picture will translate to the dimensions of your splashback. If the wall area is long and not high, then a tall, skinny shaped image won't fit. Though nothing prevents you from combining several pictures into one for a unique splashback that will totally personalise your kitchen.

For a different direction, you could print an image of a surface such as natural marble, brickwork, wood grain or geometric ceramic tiles. With these pictures on the glass, you will have a beautifully patterned surface as well as smooth and even, easy to clean and hygienic. This option allows you to install many types of textures on your wall that might otherwise be impractical if you were using that substance in reality.

Helps You To Coordinate Your Kitchen

Because of the versatility of glass splash backs, they make life easier when you are coordinating all the various kitchen elements. You can start with other items and match the splashback to those. If you have timber flooring, for example, you could opt for earthy yellows and reds. If the cabinets and benchtops are white, you could create a feature of the splashback. Or else, you could repeat the wall colour for a low key look.

Is Durable And Low Maintenance

The toughened safety glass that splashbacks use is heat resistant and about five times stronger than ordinary glass, and thus likely to last for many years. Additionally, glass provides a clean, non-porous surface that is without grouting and crevices that trap grime and germs. Its flat surface makes cleaning easy using just regular detergents.