Are There Any Benefits of Tree Removal?

1 November 2017
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Homeowners will typically be proud of having a tree in their backyard. Not only do they provide shade during the hot Australian summers, but they also enhance the kerb appeal of the property. Additionally, there is a sense of opulence associated with having trees in your backyard as it implies you have a spacious garden. Thus, you will find people holding on to their trees, even when they start to show signs of disease and decay. Although it is important to plant more trees, this does not mean that tree removal is taboo. There are numerous advantages of clearing your property of one or multiple trees, as you will find out below.

Tree removal eliminates dying limbs

If a tree has acquired some structural damage or has progressively become diseases, your property becomes at risk of damage due to dead branches. The dying limbs pose the threat of damages to your roof, falling over power lines, damage to your neighbours' properties and more. You may be tempted to have the branches pruned but if the disease has considerably spread then chances are the remaining limbs will simply fall ill too. Tree removal will make sure that your property, local council property and your neighbours' property remain safe from harm.

Tree removal prevents an impacted foundation

Tree growth is typically associated with vertical growth. Nonetheless, trees grow horizontally too. Depending on how big the tree is, it could have a significantly extensive root system. These roots spread far and wide to ensure that the tree is getting maximum nutrition and moisture from the soil. However, as the root system spreads, it also poses the risk of impacting your foundation. Over time, you could start to notice cracks in your driveways, your kerbing and even at the base of your home. The root zone could also pose a significant risk to your plumbing through root intrusion, leading to burst sewer lines. It would be ideal to hire removalists to not only cut down the tree but also eliminate the roots too.

Tree removal provides you with unobstructed views

If you have a large yard, chances are you would have great views of the outdoors. But if you have a large tree growing smack in the middle of this yard, you will not be able to enjoy unobstructed views of your property. Additionally, a large tree canopy could also cast shadows on your property, darkening the interior of your home. Opting for professional tree removal not only provides you with better views of your residence but it will also boost the kerb appeal by making the property airy and sunny.