Garage 101: What Types of Garages Are Typically Used?

24 October 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Most homes in Australia include a garage adjacent to the home. Garages serve many important functions, from securing vehicles to acting as extra storage space for the home.

Regardless of the intended use of your garage, understanding the different types of garages available can enable you make the right choices when constructing one for your premises. The following are important characteristics that determine what type of garage you will ultimately end up with.


The first manner in which garages are categorized is by their size. There are typically single, double and tandem garages.


Single garages are designed to fit a single car. They are just about large enough for the car to be parked and for all doors to be opened. 


Double garages are designed to fit two vehicles. They have the same design concept as single garages, only they are big enough to comfortably accommodate two cars. 


Tandem garages are less common than single and double garages. They typically fit two cars, parked nose-to-nose instead of side-by-side. They tend to be longer but have a width similar to single garages. They normally contain a single door for entrance/exit, and one car goes in at a time.

Attached and detached garages

Garages can also be constructed either attached to the main home or separate from the home altogether.


Attached garages are considered a part of the main home and need to have a structure that fits in with the rest of the property. When constructing an attached garage, homeowners should select a design that complements the rest of the home. Accessing the garage is also easier because there is a door that is attached directly to the garage space.


Some Australian homes also use detached garages. These are often located along lengthy driveways that run alongside the house and into a backyard space.

A detached driveway gives homeowners the ability of being flexible in designing the garage. Since it is not physically attached to the home, it can be constructed in a unique manner that reflects the creativity of the homeowner.

Construction material used

The type of material used to construct the garage is also important to consider. The most regularly used are steel, wood and aluminium. Wood is cost-effective but requires regular maintenance.

Steel is a more durable option, but it needs to be protected against rust. Aluminium is one of the most popular choices because it is durable and cost-effective and does not rust.