3 Ways a Mining Engineer Helps Set up a Successful Mining Operation

29 September 2021
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As you start to plan a mining set-up, you have to recruit key staff. At this stage, you should bring in a mining engineering specialist, either as a full-time hire or as a consultant. How will this help your new operation?

1. Assess Your Site's Potential

While you already know that your site contains the materials you want to mine, you might not have a full picture of its potential yet. For instance, you need to know the location of the best sources of your materials. You also need to know areas where you won't get enough returns to make mining viable there.

A mining engineering specialist assesses the site for you. They create feasibility studies to report on its viability as a mining operation. They can also make recommendations at this stage on the best way to mine the ground to achieve optimum returns without causing too much environmental damage. They'll report on environmental impacts and mitigation measures you might need to take.

2. Create an Effective Operational Plan

Your aim should be to extract as much as you can from your site. However, efficiency isn't your only target here. You have to create a safe working operation that also does as little harm to the environment as possible. You also need to plan how to get the materials you mine out of your site and into the supply chain as effectively as possible.

A mining engineer helps you plan the best ways to mine your materials. For example, if you're mining underground, they'll create plans for your site which lay out the designs of your shafts, tunnels and working areas. They'll harness technology to build the best systems for your operation to help you work out the best ways to mine your site.

Plus, engineers also look at how you should handle materials after extraction. They can design onsite buildings, infrastructure layouts, haulage roads and exit routes.

3. Provide Ongoing Monitoring

Your site and operations might change once you start mining. For example, you might run into unforeseen problems mining certain areas of the site. Likewise, you might need to modify your operational plans if mining or environmental regulations change over the years.

A mining engineer can help you take your operation forward. If they work with you from the start, they can anticipate and solve any problems that crop up. They can ensure that you maximise your returns, maintain relevant health and safety standards and stay compliant.

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