Cost-Saving Tips for Maritime Transportation

6 September 2019
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If you are importing products from overseas via sea freight, then cost was probably the number one reason for your choice of transport. Maritime transport is the cheapest among all other modes of transportation, especially if you consider the amount of cargo shipping freights can carry. Therefore, businesses can save money and grow their operations according to the plan. However, did you know that you can save even more? Just because sea freight is cheap doesn't mean you should settle for the cost. Read More 

Top Tips for Successful Wet Core Drilling

14 August 2019
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Concrete core drilling is a dusty affair, especially if you are drilling indoors without the right protective gear, which exposes you to lung-damaging silica. It is for this reason that wet core drilling is recommended since it dampens a drilling site, thus reducing dust levels significantly. However, you can only benefit from wet core drilling if you know what is required of you. Regrettably, most workers do not follow correct wet core drilling techniques, and they end up with low quality work. Read More 

3 Reasons Your Warehouse Should Ditch Metal-Halide Lights for LEDs

26 June 2019
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For many years, metal-halide lights have been commonplace in warehouses. These HID bulbs provide a much higher light quality than their previous counterparts, and they run more efficiently too. However, while metal-halide lighting systems were a great choice at the time of their inception, there's now a far better warehouse lighting option on the market: LED bulbs. Here are three reasons why you should call an electrical installation company to refit your warehouse with LED lighting. Read More 

Driveway Crossovers: Four Crucial Steps for Repairing Your Concrete Surface

25 April 2019
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Concrete driveway crossovers are quite durable. In simple terms, if you install this type of material, you will enjoy reliable performance for a long time. The concrete can withstand pressure from vehicles without damage. In addition, the material is not prone to deterioration in adverse conditions. However, you should keep in mind that concrete crossovers are not infallible. The structure can deteriorate over time due to poor installation, lack of maintenance and harsh surroundings. Read More 

Tips for Making a Small Kitchen Seem Larger

21 March 2019
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If you're renovating a small kitchen, you can make particular design choices to give an impression of a larger area. It is not only about the actual room dimensions. Decorate with a Light Colour Pallete Brighter areas can appear more spacious. Pale colours reflect light around a room while darker shades absorb it. In a kitchen, each individual surface contributes to the overall effect. One popular option is to go all white, so cabinetry, benchtop, walls and appliances all pull together. Read More