Patio Accessories That Will Offer Your Deck More Privacy

25 September 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

One of the great things about decks is that they are so versatile. Because they are raised platforms, builders can install them anywhere in a garden, over a slope, bridging a culvert and even to cover up an old patio that has seen better days. Many experts now agree that decking the global decking market will continue to grow healthily in the coming years. This is partly because they offer a more versatile alternative to hard landscaping but also because of the various accessories you can get for them. Accessories make decks more individual and appropriate to their setting. If you are thinking of having a new decking area installed for you by a construction firm, then what are the accessories you ought to be considering for it?

  • Integrate Up-Lighters

One of the most popular elements of modern decks nowadays is lighting. By far the most adaptable form of lighting you can have for a deck is an LED up-lighter. These light fittings are commonly round, so all you need to do is to drill a suitably sized hole in the deck's plank to fit it neatly inside. All of the wiring and connections can be hidden away beneath the deck, too, so you just see the sparkling light from the fittings' LED arrays. Many people set them out in rows but any arrangement is possible. They are ideal for marking a point where a step is located, helping to avoid potential trips. Nevertheless, the main reason to have them is purely decorative.

  • Balustrades

Timber decks are often left open on all sides which is fine unless there is an area where there could be a potential fall. With raised decks, anything higher than about 40 centimetres or so should really be closed off. The best way to do this is with an integrated balustrade. These items are fixed to the same anchor points as the deck's substructure which means they are strong enough to be leaned upon. In addition to their practical use as a safety feature, balustrades provide a classy look which makes a deck look properly finished.

  • Anti-Slip Plates

Although you don't need to introduce anti-slip plates into your deck's design, they are advisable if you will have steps incorporated into it or plan to place it by a swimming pool. Basically, these accessories make decks safer to walk over in wet conditions. They afford exceptional levels of grip even in icy conditions so they are certainly good enough to cope with rain. Many don't stand out once they are installed and fit in with the overall deck aesthetic. That said, you can find high-visibility ones if you want. These tend to be used if you want to create a visual definition that is easy to see. This makes them ideal for decks installed in retirement homes, for example.