Is Your Home Suffering from Foundation Cracks?

24 February 2020
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Every home which has been built for a while will have a few cracks. Usually, small cracks aren't a major cause for concern but if you have cracks starting to appear in the foundation of your building then you might have more cause for concern. Foundation cracks if left untreated could eventually affect the stability of your property but there is no reason to let it get that far.

Why do cracks develop in your foundations?

Some people worry about the reason cracks suddenly start to appear in their home foundations. They think that because cracks have started to be visible they are a symptom of a bigger problem that needs to be addressed. The truth is that the majority of foundation cracks are caused by issues such as thermal movement or shrinkage following drying and not anything more serious. As long as the cracks are dealt with there isn't usually an underlying problem. The majority of foundation crack repairs are a simple matter and can be finished quickly without a lot of disruption to your daily routine.

Responding to foundation cracks

While cracks aren't a major problem if they aren't treated they will get worse. Undertaking foundation crack repairs without delay is always the best policy. If you do not respond appropriately and leave the cracks alone they will become wider and moisture will start to gain access to your property and then ultimately your foundation will crumble.

Completing foundation crack repairs

Serious foundation problems may need to be dealt with through piling, underpinning or similar procedures but foundation crack repairs often only involve sealing the cracks by injecting epoxy resin into the crack. If the crack is too wide for that process then it can sometimes be sealed using a flowable grout. These processes can be completed quickly, often in less than an hour and there is rarely a lot of clearing up to be carried out once the job is done.

Are foundation crack repairs right for you?

While injecting epoxy resin or flowable grout will work for the majority or small cracks it is best to get your foundations properly inspected so that the contractor can determine exactly what the problem is and what needs to be done so that the property can remain stable. They will know precisely what must be done so that your foundation crack repairs are effective and your home will be safe and secure for the future.

For more information, contact a foundation crack repair service in your area.