Types Of Skip Bins You Can Use For Waste Removal

15 July 2019
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One of the best ways to manage waste in your commercial or residential property is by hiring skip bins. However, the kind of skip bin you choose should be determined by the waste you need to get rid of. To remove heavy material, for instance, you'll need to pick a special bin that's able to accommodate that weight. Currently, waste removal companies offer numerous types of skips, and this post will share the main types to help you make the best choice the next time you hire a skip bin.

Hook lift skip bin

Hook lift or walk-in skip bins are also very popular. They are defined by the technique that's used to load them on and off the waste truck. A big hydraulic hook that's installed on the back part of the truck is used to grab the bin to either roll it off or on the truck's back. Being rectangular in shape, this skip has a large rear door that promotes easy loading, so you don't have to worry if you have high volumes of waste.

Hook bins are suitable for DIY and large trade projects, and that's why they are mainly hired for industrial and commercial waste disposal. But you can still procure them for bulky domestic waste removal. For instance, if an estate is being cleared for resale, a hook lift skip can be useful. Most estates usually have significant amounts of rubbish that should be removed.

Mobile skip bin

This is a new kind of skip that's smaller compared to the aforementioned skips, and they are only designed for light green waste, light building waste and general waste. The mini skips are an ideal solution for locations like offices and units with underground parking or garage parking. Most homeowners prefer mobile skips because no permit is needed to place them on the street. What's more, they also have lockable lids, meaning unauthorised people won't put their waste in it.

Marrell skip bin

Being one of the most popular types of skip bins, marrell skips are ideal for both commercial waste and domestic rubbish. They can hold heavy and light materials. If you are searching for a skip you can use at home, consider marrell skips, because they also come in smaller sizes and can be put on the driveway. They can fit in tight spaces.

Marrell skips are usually longer and shorter. They also have a wheelbarrow access door that aids in loading heavy materials. However, the door may be welded shut, so consider confirming with your service provider if this is an important feature you must have.