Driveway Crossovers: Four Crucial Steps for Repairing Your Concrete Surface

25 April 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Concrete driveway crossovers are quite durable. In simple terms, if you install this type of material, you will enjoy reliable performance for a long time. The concrete can withstand pressure from vehicles without damage. In addition, the material is not prone to deterioration in adverse conditions. However, you should keep in mind that concrete crossovers are not infallible. The structure can deteriorate over time due to poor installation, lack of maintenance and harsh surroundings. Here are simple steps for conducting concrete driveway crossover repairs.

Check the Damage

The concrete crossover restoration process should begin with an inspection of the structure. It is important to understand the scale of damage before choosing the repair approach. In general, you should catalogue all the signs of wear. If the damage is localised in certain areas and is in the form of cracks, you should plan for crack sealing. If the concrete has lost its appeal, you will need to focus on surface repairs. Crossovers with completely damaged structures might need to be completely replaced.

Manage Cracks

Cracks are easy to repair. If this is the type of damage on your concrete crossover, you can handle the restoration work without a speciality contractor. In general, you will need to clear out the dirt and debris from the cracks in the surface. This practice is crucial for long-lasting repairs. Simply speaking, if the crack is filled with debris, it will be difficult to create a deep repair. After cleaning the cracks, you should acquire a concrete patching compound or fresh concrete mix to fill in the cracks.

Consider Resurfacing

If your crossover has lost its appeal due to superficial scaling and spalling, you should think about resurfacing. This type of repair is favourable if the entire driveway crossover is showing signs of deterioration. However, this approach cannot be used if there is structural damage. When resurfacing the crossover, you might have to prepare the area by chipping off and removing old concrete from the driveway surface. Then, you will need to apply fresh concrete on the old foundation for a fresh look.

Inspect the Base

If the foundation of the concrete crossover is damaged, simple repairs will not be adequate. Base problems occur due to poor installation, so it can be difficult to resolve the issue without expert contractors. If the slabs are in good condition but are sinking due to an unreliable subgrade, you can slab-jack the structure by pumping a cement and sand mixture beneath the surface. Alternatively, you can demolish and reconstruct the entire crossover.