Aspects that New Builders Should Look Out for in a Roof Truss Supplier

28 February 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Today, roof trusses are more than just functional or structural features in a building. As house designs and homeowners' tastes continue to change over the years so have roof truss designs. Notably, the objective of builders is to understand what clients want concerning functionality as well as aesthetics. Most importantly, however, is the fact that you have to work with roof truss suppliers to fulfil your clients' requirements. For this reason, it is vital to partner with the right roof truss supplier. This article highlights aspects that newbie builders should look out for in the ideal roof truss supplier.

After Sale Follow Ups -- Most relationships between a builder and a roof truss supplier usually end at the point of truss delivery. The link ends after a builder has verified that the trusses are of the right design and measurements. The sort of relationship can create a gap, especially when the client has a few queries regarding their roof trusses. For instance, once the roof trusses go up, your client might require clarifications regarding the addition of an attic. While you can call the truss supplier and pose such concerns to them on behalf of your client, it would be much better if the supplier made after-sale follow-ups to ensure that both the homeowner and customer homebuilder are satisfied with the roof trusses.

Versatile Designs -- As mentioned earlier, house designs keep changing, and this can be attributed to the fact that homeowners continually prefer differentiated houses. However, apart from aesthetics, new builders must understand that roof functionalities are also changing. For example, skylight windows are gaining popularity, and it is vital that builders consider this aspect when partnering with roof truss suppliers. Therefore, the right roof truss supplier should come up with truss designs that take into account possible future makeovers based on a client's plans. For instance, if a client tells you that they might consider adding a skylight sometime in the future, then the roof truss supplier should factor a skylight when designing roof trusses. It will prevent the need for a significant overhaul of the roof when your customer wants to add a feature.

Design Variety -- While some homeowners want clean-cut and well-smoothened roof trusses, others love the natural contours and bends of a tree trunk. For example, a client might wish to incorporate natural logs as roof trusses in a particular section of their house and clean-cut timber in another part. It would be expensive and time consuming to work with two suppliers that specialise in either one of the two roof truss designs. Therefore, it is essential for new builders to work with a supplier that can offer both designs under one roof to save on cost.