Three Essential Tips for a Long-Lasting Asphalt Driveway

23 March 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are interested in building a new driveway on your property, you should think about using asphalt paving for construction. This material has an appealing black appearance which can enhance the external landscape. Asphalt is a fairly inexpensive material; it is an ideal choice if you have limited project finances. In addition, this type of driveway is quite durable. You will enjoy the extended service after installing the feature. However, it is crucial to note that asphalt driveways do not have the same lifespan. Therefore, if you would like to ensure that your paving is long-lasting, you should use the tips below for ideal success.

Prepare the Foundation

One of the common causes of asphalt driveway failure is poor preparation of the foundation. In simple terms, if the base of the structure is not stable, the dried asphalt will be prone to cracking due to the shifts. In addition, the driveway will not have a high load-bearing capacity. So, the risk of structural breakdown will be high because of the pressure exerted by moving vehicles. When installing your asphalt driveway, you should ensure that the ground is excavated and the trench filled with gravel before the placement of the concrete mixture. If the asphalt is laid over soil, it will be prone to premature damage especially during wet weather.

Think about Sealing

You should think about sealing the asphalt roadway after its installation. Sealing is not a compulsory process for driveways. However, there are significant benefits of the practice. In general, the sealant coating will provide an extra layer of protection for the surface, minimising the accelerated deterioration due to harsh external factors. Also, the coating will resist spills from oil and staining liquids. Consequently, you will not need to resurface the driveway shortly after installation for aesthetic restoration. Additionally, sealed asphalt surfaces are easier to keep clean. If you are concerned about the additional costs of this process, you should perform the work as a DIY project. You will only need a can of sealant and a roller for ideal results.

Perform Maintenance

Finally, you should make time for the maintenance of the asphalt driveway if you want to maximise the lifespan. The surface will not demand too much time or resources. Ideally, you will need to clean the paving regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt and discolouration. Also, you should monitor the asphalt for cracks. If you find fissures, you should seal them with a commercial asphalt patching product. If small cracks are left in place, a pothole will develop.