Five Tips for Choosing a Glass Splashback That Makes Your Kitchen Look Larger

14 April 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you have a small kitchen, every element you add to your kitchen has the ability to either make your kitchen feel larger or add a more cluttered feel to the space. This is true of countertop appliances and wall paint, but it also applies to your glass splashback. Want to choose a splashback that accentuates your kitchen and makes it feel more spacious? Consider these tips as you shop.

1. Opt for a Simple Design

When trying to avoid a cluttered feel, simple designs are the best. Stay away from complicated or busy patterns with lots of embellishments. Instead, go for solid colours and simple designs such as stripes. In that vein, vertical stripes are the best, as they add height to your space.

2. Go With Light Colours

Light colours can also be essential when you are trying to create the illusion of space. With a glass splashback, consider going with light coloured blue or sea green tiles. Alternatively, go for a large piece of glass, or skip the glass altogether and opt for a solid metallic backsplash. All of these options help reflect light, which is key when you're trying to make spaces look larger.

3. Backlight Your Splashback

Speaking of light, you may want to add a backlight to your splashback. You can buy glass splashbacks that are illuminated from behind with LED lights, or you can have your installer put a light near the top of the splashback.

4. Create Continuity

Continuity with the other items in your kitchen can also help if you are dealing with a small space. In that regard, your splashback should match your cabinets, coordinate with your hood fan or reflect the colour scheme of your flooring.

In some cases, you may want to extend the splashback so that it runs behind all of your countertops and creates a continuous line of light coloured glass around your entire kitchen. Alternatively, you may want to have the splashback go from the oven to the ceiling. Anything that moves toward the ceiling draws the viewer's gaze upward, which makes the space seem like it has more height.

5. Use a single Piece of Glass

Finally, you may want the splashback to consist of a single piece of material. When you use lots of glass tiles, the grout between the glass tiles can be visually distracting and feel too busy. A single piece of glass is best if you want the space to look bigger.