Top Uses of Wooden Crates

7 April 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Wooden crates have been in use for a long time. They are still popularly used in transportation and storage today. They are also used in many creative ways by people all over the world.

The reason wooden crates remain popular despite the influx of new packaging materials is simple; they are ecofriendly and convenient. This is especially true if the wood used to make the crates comes from a sustainable forest. They are made from different types of wood to achieve different levels of strength. They are used in the following ways:


Wooden crates are the preferred packaging materials today for many manufacturers. They are good for bearing heavy loads. They can be designed to be light or sturdy depending on the weight they are expected to bear and the type of use envisioned. Some crates are customized to carry delicate goods. Their strength makes them reusable. It is possible to find wooden crates that are fifty or even a hundred years old in good shape.


For home use, crates are popularly used to keep stuff as well as to move stuff. There are special crates modified to carry pets. To keep stuff, choose a crate that is the right size for the amount of stuff you want to place in it. It is an eyesore when the crate is rendered inconspicuous because of the amount of stuff hanging from its top. Sometimes the crate has items that are moved from time to time. In such a case, get a crate that has handles. When transporting dogs, wooden crates can be ideal because dogs chew plastic crates. They are heavier than plastic crates, but the extra weight is worth it given the amount of comfort the dog will enjoy.


When decorating your home, you can spice up the look by incorporating wooden crates into the design. Wooden crates can be used to create an old school look. They blend nicely with wooden furniture depending on the color and condition of the crate.

There are many ways to get creative with wooden crates, for example, they can be converted into shelves. To make them blend with the décor, they can be painted. Some businesses and offices have seen the homely feel created by wood and integrated wooden crates into their looks. Some stores have bottles of beverages in wooden crates in their displays.

Old crates are an attraction to collectors and decorators today. They create an unequalled vintage look that can take you back in time. There has been so much interest that there is a market for antique, wooden crates today.