Carports: Different Materials You Could Select

5 April 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

An assumption some homeowners make about carports is that, if they have a garage, they will not need one. The reality is, if you have more than one vehicle or other bulky items such as a boat, an ATV or even a trailer, you may have to contend with limited garage space. Rather than opting to keep one of these vehicles outside, a carport would be an easy and efficient way to provide shelter.

When selecting a carport, the first thing you have to do is decide what design would suit your property. The main options are lean-to carports or freestanding structures. Once you have made this decision, you then have to select an appropriate material. Below are some of the different materials you could consider for your carport.


If security and sturdiness are your primary concerns, steel would be the ideal option for your needs. These carports are made up of steel pillars that support a galvanised steel roof. You can choose to have the carport without walls or have steel panels installed to ensure that your vehicle is secure. Steel carports are especially suitable for individuals living in windy areas as they can withstand gale winds. Steel carports are also appropriate for homeowners who are looking to add a contemporary touch to their kerb appeal.


If you have a limited budget but would like a metal carport, then tin would be right up your alley. This material is lightweight, making it much easier to work with when compared to steel. Moreover, they can be powder coated in an assortment of colours, so you can be assured that the tin carport will complement your property. However, tin does come with its set of drawbacks. For instance, tin is highly susceptible to corrosion. Therefore, it would be crucial to engage in routine maintenance in the form of sealing to prevent moisture from affecting the tin. Secondly, the lightweight nature of tin makes it prone to dents if exposed to high impact.


If you are looking for a simple solution for your carport needs, polyethylene would be an ideal choice. Firstly, it is one of the cheapest materials that is available, making it viable for every homeowner. The polyethylene carports comprise a synthetic fabric that stretches over the frames that make up the structure of the carport. This polyethylene will protect your vehicle from the elements but does not provide you with any security as it can easily be breached. Nevertheless, polyethylene carports are easy to take off and put away, making them a great temporary solution for you carport needs.

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