Types of Timber Supplies You Could Use In Your Residential Construction

4 November 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Wood is one of the most popular materials that people will choose when embarking on residential construction. Whether you are building a shed, a fence or even your home's structure, timber can be an ideal option for an assortment of applications. Nevertheless, when opting for timber supplies, it is not simply about selecting what species would best suit your budget as well as your needs. You would also have to consider the type of wood that you would be using. The following are some of the different types of timber supplies that you could consider for your residential construction.

Green timber supplies

These are the most commonly used types of timber supplies, as they are one of the economical options. Green timber supplies come from healthy trees that have been harvested. They are characterised by having a high moisture content. Therefore, it should be noted that the green timber supplies will undergo a drying process for a few years once the structure has been built.

When green timbers begin to dry, they have a propensity of shrinking in a perpendicular direction to their grain. As such, it is not uncommon to find that the green timber supplies will gradually twist as they acclimatise to the ambient environmental factors such as humidity as well as temperature changes. Luckily, this acclimatisation does not adversely affect the structural integrity of the structure.

Standing dead timber supplies

Standing dead timber refers to wood that has been extracted from trees that have already been affected by a range of different problems such as pest infestations, bushfires and more. Although the wood has already been exposed to these issues, the tree will still be standing. Standing dead timber supplies are hand picked individually to ensure that the timber being selected can still be structurally viable for construction. As such, standing dead timber supplies tend to be more expensive than green timber supplies since the process of selection can be arduous. Nevertheless, standing dead timber supplies are an eco-friendly alternative since you will not be using living trees.

Some people may be under the assumption that since these timber supplies have been exposed to bushfires and pestilence that they will be less durable. The truth is they tend to be more durable when compared to other timber supplies since they have minimal moisture. This means they do not have to undergo a drying process and they will be less susceptible to cracking, twisting and warping over time. For more info, contact a professional.